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" (Furiously anti-choice, Schlessinger refers to abortion as "sucking it into the sink.") The caller had the baby anyway and moved in with the louse that wouldn't marry her. "Tough luck," says Schlessinger, "You made a decision to hide, to deny, get married, and have children. "How stupid can you be and still be able to chew your food! Before it's established that one woman actually wronged her sister-in-law. Laura tells her curtly to "eat dirt."Nor does she consider social context. Worried about paying for her children's orthodontia, a divorced mother asks whether to seek help from the grandparents. Laura never mentions that the woman is legally entitled to child support from the deadbeat dad. On the surface Schlessinger's life appears exemplary: Lew Bishop, her adoring husband, serves as her manager, and their 12-year-old son Deryk is so smart and poised that she has put him on the air to answer kids' questions. (Actually, it's Bishop who keeps kosher; he does all the cooking.) Lew Bishop used to be Episcopalian, but Dr.

Laura Berman, Ph D, is a leading sex and relationship educator and therapist, popular TV and radio host, New York Times best-selling author, and assistant clinical professor of ob-gyn and psychiatry at the...

She is the award-winning host of In the Bedroom With Dr.

Laura Berman on OWN and is an influencer at Everyday Health. On this episode of Too Risqué for Radio: The founder of the Smart Dating Academy, Bela Gandhi with Summer Dating Tips.

A year ago Schlessinger, her husband, Lew Bishop, and their partner, John Shanahan, sold her show to Jacor Communication Inc. Television beckons, although Schlessinger is skittish. Last spring, she abruptly backed out of a deal with Eyemark Entertainment (CBS's syndication arm), saying she didn't want to be associated with the company that syndicates Stern.

Diamonds glitter at her ears, in the Star of David around her neck, and on her manicured fingers with their blood-red nails. Laura explodes when Valerie denies she's afraid of being alone. Although Schlessinger has become a poster girl for the Christian right ("They love me! When Dennis says, "I'll try to listen to your questions carefully and answer them," Dr. Then I can't jump on you." When Lita makes it through her first question unbloodied and wants to know if the guru has time for another, Dr. I've learned a lot from you morally."And in an age of moral relativity, Dr. Who could find fault with her message of personal responsibility? "She doesn't appear to have a guilty conscience, even though we all know the road is littered with people.

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I think people get too wrapped up in what her "credentials" are, or things she's done in the past.

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On this episode of Too Risqué for Radio: He wants to bring to his new girlfriend's attention that he's into some kinky things in the bedroom.

Then she puffs her bouffant blond-frosted do and heads for the San Fernando Valley studio where her call-in show - the fastest-growing program in radio history - originates. M., hordes of them are already on hold, hoping for two or three minutes of her precious wisdom. Ten Stupid Things Men Do To Mess Up Their Lives catapulted Schelessinger's total sales to more than 2.2 million. The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life, which Schlessinger co-authored with Rabbi Stewart Vogel, reflects her evolution, over the last several years, from a non believer into a Conservative Jew and now an Orthodox Jew. "I've probably sent more people back to Catholicism than the Pope," she says. "I don't know why women complain about their lives; they're the architects," she says irritably. Nobody's going to send you to the Gulag if you don't marry somebody."Schlessinger hates feminists too, but admits she used to be one. "They've destroyed the sanctity of motherhood."But men - nearly half of her audience are pilloried, too, particularly if they've had children with women they've left. She is like having an avenging fury, come to reveal the path to righteousness."I am a prophet," she crowed to the Los Angeles Times early this year. "Everyone who's known her hates her - and on some level she knows it," says Marilyn Kagan, a radio host who incurred Schlessinger's enmity.

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