Wow intimidating shout macro

12-Jan-2018 03:59

If you know the code and can post it, I would really apprecite it!

So ive been gathering a shitload of macros for different classes, ill be updating as i get more of them.

hurricane -----------------------General Warrior Macros--- [spammable spell reflection] #showtooltip spell reflection /cast [stance:3] Defensive stance /equipslot 16 name of your 1hander /equipslot 17 name of your shield /cast [stance:1/2] Spell reflection --------------------------- [focus pummel] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] pummel /startattack --------------------------- [focus intimidating shout] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] intimidating shout --------------------------- [Intervene] #showtooltip /cast [stance:1/3] defensive stance /cast [target=the target you want to intervene] Intervene --------------------------- [alot of health from enraged regeneration] #showtooltip /cast rallying cry /cast enraged regeneration --------------------------- ---Arms Macros--- --------------------------- [startattack mortal strike] #showtooltip /cast Mortal Strike /startattack --------------------------- [startattack heroic strike] #showtooltip /cast Heroic Strike /startattack --------------------------- [startattack rend] #showtooltip /cast rend /startattack --------------------------- [startattack overpower] #showtooltip /cast overpower /startattack --------------------------- [heroic throw normal thrown] #showtooltip /cast heroic throw /cast thrown --------------------------- [deadly calm trinket recklessness, aka burst macro] #showtooltip Deadly Calm /cast deadly calm /cast recklessness /use name of your on-use trinket --------------------------- [1h switch macro] #showtooltip /equipslot 16 nameof1hander /equipslot 17 nameofshield --------------------------- [2h switch macro] #showtooltip /equipslot 16 nameof2hander --------------------------- [cancel bladestorm charge/intercept] #showtooltip /cast charge /cast intercept /cancelaura bladestorm --------------------------- [cancel bladestorm focus target charge/intercept] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] charge /cast [@focus] intercept /cancelaura bladestorm --------------------------- [spammable heroic leap] #showtooltip /cast !

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lichborne /cast [@player] death coil ------------------- [blood tap/empower rune weapon, change 31 to 61 if not talented] #showtooltip /castsequence reset=31 Blood Tap, Empower Rune Weapon, Blood Tap ----------------------General Druid Macros--- ------------------- [focus cyclone] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] cyclone -------------------- [focus hibernate] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] Hibernate -------------------- [focus entangling roots] #showtooltip /cast [@focus] entangling roots -------------------- [innervate self] #showtooltip /cast [@yourname] innervate -------------------- ---Feral Macros--- -------------------- [spammable prowl macro] #showtooltip /cast ! whenever i spam the macro so that it will cast just when i have enough rage, the emote goes off like 10 times and it ****** off my group.