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26-Sep-2017 18:35

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“Don’t worry my pet the party in not over yet,” I said to her as I slapped her ass without mercy. I rubbed her plump ass tenderly before smacking it hard again, “Tell me” I growled.

I looked at her cuckold husband and point to me dick and ordered, “clean your wife’s cum off of my dick and don’t forget the balls.” Without hesitating he sucked my dick into his mouth, he sucked again and again, taking it out from time to time to lick it, he held my dick up while he lapped all the cum off of my balls. “I am yours to do with as you wish Sir, please fuck me hard Sir, like the slut that I am,” she said.

" In these numbers, W/we do not talk about professional Mistresses who do this for money and not for the love of the lifestyle.

W/we do not talk either about homosexual players (men/men and female/female) because, the rules are different with the homosexual communities.

This is complete fiction, a brief tale of a submissive couple and their dominant Black neighbor.

At best, they are Tops (someone only wanting to dominate sexually) who want nothing more than kinky sex either online or in real life. 2) The men who are truly interested in D/s are just as new as you are Please do not expect to find someone with any weighty real life experience. The Doms with extensive knowledge are usually already living it in real life and are not online.For security and social reasons, women are less likely to "come out of the closet" as BDSM players. There are many many male subs for every female Domme, W/we have heard estimates of as high as 100 to 1.

The Science and Technology Committee of the House of Lords has published an extensive report on Personal Security on the Internet in the context of crime and organized abuse (pdf here).… continue reading »

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