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The drawback is that these cells have higher internal resistance why cooling is needed.

But since the hydrodynamic drag is linear to mass, the mass reduction has a large impact on the range so I think it is the right way to go.

Anyone who can run 100 metres in 13.3 seconds would have been able to outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex, according to new research.

Contrary to suggestions that the six-tonne predator had a staggering top speed of 72kmh (about 45mph), researchers from Germany and the US found that physical constraints would have prevented it from travelling much faster than about 27kmh (16.8mph).

A ram was a weapon carried by varied types of ships, dating back to antiquity.

The weapon comprised an underwater prolongation of the bow of the ship to form an armoured beak, usually between six and 12 feet (2–4 m) in length.

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Eero Lepp Tack Gustav, jag har fått tekniska underlag av Alexander Sahlin, samt jämfört med beräkningar från boken Hydrofoils av Ray Wellinga allt verkar stämma.

But the Velociraptor – made famous in the Jurassic Park films – would have been capable of travelling at 54kmh (33.6mph) with the Allosaurus capable of more than 40kmh (25mph), which would have just beaten world-record sprinter Usain Bolt over 100 metres at the peak of his powers.

“Palaeontologists have long debated the potential running speeds of large birds and dinosaurs that roamed past ecosystems,” the researchers wrote in the journal.

We will have 4 of these layers in each module and four modules in two packs that will sit left and right in the bow.

By replacing the pouch cells of prototype 1 with cylindrical cells we cut 130 kg and end up at 230 kg with all packaging and electronics included.This would be driven into the hull of an enemy ship in order to puncture it and thus sink, or at least disable, the ship. The ram has damage attributed to collision(s) with Roman ships (ram against ram).

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