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13-Feb-2018 00:02

It's time for the next installment of "The Messaging Mess," an unintentional comedy series from Google.After focusing on Allo as a consumer messaging platform, Google has taken to removing features from Hangouts.

On May 18, Sir Foch uploaded a video where he criticised the Chrysler K Grand Finals premium tank (a fully-loaded version of which is priced at $US80 (7)), which he argued lacked realistic weak points in order to force players to spend more money, despite being part of a program that gives influential players early access to content in exchange for publicity. While contributors are allowed to be critical of in return for having early access to content, "we require a reasonable level of decorum from those contributors when publicly discussing Wargaming and our products." In the wake of the video attacking Wargaming for its perceived use of pay-to-win mechanics, a community manager at the company who goes by Zoltan "Ph3lan" Sipos contacted Sir Foch over Discord.

At the same time, it's launched a pair of business-oriented Hangouts services known as Meet and Chat. Starting today, Meet has chat, but it's not Hangouts Chat. Hangouts Meet is Google's business-oriented video conferencing app, not to be confused with the consumer 1-on-1 chat app Duo.